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Telstar is a single release track performed by JN Couvutsakis and is based on the popular instrumental from 1962.

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Sound Design and Incidental Music for special projects, film,
and/or video.
Contact Jim Couvutsakis for additional information.

Phone: 1.716.838.2276

JN Couvutsakis has composed music and written scripts for a variety of video productions, including:
"ALternative Programing" and "The East Kingdom".

JN Couvutsakis Release:

Core of a Symphony

EP (Extended Play): Core of a Symphony is a Neo-Classical music-styled
EP in 5 parts and is about 20 minutes in length.
All of the separate parts of this EP are meant to represent the
outline of a theme for a finished Symphony.

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ALBUM: Non-Pedestrian Spotify Link is:
Also available on most streaming platforms.

Non-Pedestrian   Solitary Listening

Available Now: Solitary Listening
CD of original music themes, which is essentially easy listening/instrumental music (classical jazz pop moods and styles). Listen to the entire 70 minute album at Soundcloud:

Coax a Bird to Fly   Gothic Organ

Single: Coax a Bird to Fly Featuring Platinum (Vocal)

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Film Score excerpts and Music from Lon Chaney’s “Phantom of the Opera” (1925) Composed by JN Couvutsakis circa 1989.


Slip AwayInner LifeWill of Fire

JN Couvutsakis Music Singles Featuring Vocals by Maria Sebastian
Maria Sebastian lends her talent as a Professional Session Vocalist on these recordings.

Please check out Maria Sebastian's Original Music on her website:

Single: The Will of Fire
Featuring Maria Sebastian (Vocal)

Bandcamp Link:

Single: Inner Life (I am the World)
Featuring Maria Sebastian (Vocal)

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Single: Slip Away (Top of the World)
Featuring Maria Sebastian (Vocal)

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All Inquires Welcomed.
Phone: 1.716.838.2276

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